EVER Wonder WHY you were BORN?


Deep within all of us lies deep passions and desires to achieve great things. We are designed with great and awesome potential and a deep desire to be more. The mere act of dreaming at night proves this. Our minds left to wander always find deep desires that brighten our current state and leave us hoping. We dream of homes we wish we had, we dream of countries we wish we could visit or live in.


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Our SHAPE consists of Spiritual gifts he give us, our innate Hobbies and interests, our natural Abilities we are born with, our Personality that describe the way we are and or Experiences that are unique to each of our journeys. Our SHAPE defines who we are and our inner workings. It is in our SHAPE where we find our desires our passions and ultimately our purpose. After each section there is a quiz that helps you reflect on your particular SHAPE and how God has made you cosmically unique. There are 7 quizzes in all and they all help you define yourself.

Book Update: Another book I’m working on… stay tuned….
3D The Creative Brain - coming soon


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